1. Triangular frame without hinge : most of the folding bikes on the market are made with a single-tube frame with a hinge. Because of that hinge, the frame needs to be made of steel with reinforcements which add some weight to the bike. Thanks to its triangular frame without hinge, our bike is stiff, solid and light.

  2. Weight : our bikes weigh between 13 and 15kg vs 18kg for most of the electric bikes on the market.

  3. 20" wheels : VS 16" wheels : 20" wheels, together with a big chain ring allow you to travel the same distance with a equivalent effort as on a standard bike.

  4. Open eco-system VS closed eco-system : we did not want to imprison the Ahoogers into a closed eco-system, where choice is limited and price is usually high. So we went for an open eco-system. Ahooga's are mainly assembled with standard parts. this means that wherever you live or move, you may rely on most bike maintenance shops as Ahooga bikes are principally made of standard components.